About Us

Caffe Cocina was established in 2005 and purchased in 2012 by Eric Mahler and Mother, Sharon Mahler. Sharon expressed that she saw some real potential to make a “cheers” style coffee house where “everyone knows your name”. Eric, agreeing got to work and decided to start from the ground up. “What better way to get to know a business than by seeing it’s foundation”. Today, Caffe Cocina specializes in third tier espresso and tea from Zoka Coffee & Tea Co. “Partnering with Zoka has given us the ability to take our espresso experience to a whole new level”. Each employee that is hired goes through a personalized training experience that molds sometimes even the most experienced baristas into more qualified artists. “We strive to instill education in our working environment, it adds depth to your staff, creating a more rounded and consistent business”.